Responsive Design

Mobile Friendly Web Design… A Google Requirement.

Mobile Friendly Web Design is now more important than ever.

Mobile Responsive Web Design

Just think..

You’re scrolling through Facebook or Twitter and arrive at a snazzy article, ‘5 WAYS TO GET FREE MONEY’, or, ‘DO THIS NEW THING THAT MAKES YOU BETTER AT DOING THINGS YOU AREN’T CURRENTLY GOOD AT’, well, the latter might be an exaggeration but you get the picture! You eagerly thumb your way to the article only to find that you have been lied to. This is not an article you want to read. You have been taken to a site that isn’t mobile friendly, thus looks terrible on your expensive device. Now you have to engage in an enraging battle, desperately trying to read an article that’s been designed without your mobile device in mind.

There’s more..

So, the site looks terrible, it doesn’t have a mobile friendly web design and everyone hates you for it. However that’s not your only problem.

Google now hates you for it!

Google has recently rolled out it’s new mobile friendly web design update (don’t have to tap or re-size to read content, elements are spaced appropriately and pages avoid horizontal scrolling ). Sites with a mobile friendly web design are now seeing beautiful increases in Googles rankings. Don’t be left behind! Modify, change and redesign your site to better rank on Google! Need a hand with this transition? Give me a shout!