SEO, What is it? And Why You Need It.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of changing how visible your website is in online searches. Effectively, it’s how customers, readers, subscribers etc, find your website online.

Why you need it…

It’s cheap

SEO is almost entirely free. Consider approaching a marketing agency and commissioning them to develop a marketing campaign for your website, you’re talking between £1000 – £3,000 per month… PER MONTH. Pay Per Click marketing can be great, but competitors can run down your online wallets by simply clicking on your ads. Social media strategies are effective but only if you already have a following and are willing to invest a hell of a lot of time beefing up your Social Networks. SEO provides a great return on your investment, you can target customers through specific keywords and related content.

Increasing Market Shares

70-80% of consumers check for product reviews and prices online through search engines before making a purchase. That’s 70-80% of potential customers not seeing your website because you do not have an effective SEO strategy. Do you want your business to be visible to eager customers? I think so. Without organic SEO customers will never find you online, and are more likely to give their custom to your competitor.

Your Competitors are ahead of you

The fight for SEO supremacy is fierce and if you’re not in you really can’t win. SEO isn’t an art or something that can be finished, it’s a constant marathon of keeping up to date with industry trends, changing Search Engine algorithms and moving forward. Don’t be left in your competitors SEO shadow!